Natural Ways To Reduce Laugh Lines

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A smile is referred to create positivity in and around you. Health experts believe that a good smile can make you feel confident and stronger, which is why it is always advised to smile whenever you feel stressed or tensed.

What if your smile gets distracts with some of the embarrassing wrinkles? Must you be thinking wrinkles on my lips? No not on your lips but around your lips! The wrinkles around lips are called ‘Smile Lines’ or ‘Laugh Lines.’

Smile Lines

Many people experience this and try various creams and supplements to get rid of these stubborn, humiliating laugh lines. We have some of the natural home remedies that can help reduce your smile lines with zero side effects.


When you feel your wrinkles around your smile are getting heavy then apply good natural oil on the affected area. Oil can help you moisturize and build a stronger skin. Some of the effective oils you can use are olive, coconut, grapeseed and almond oil. These natural oils can help combat breakouts, heal your skin and smoothen the skin surface. All you have to do is, apply little oil on wrinkles and massage gently. Do this daily, until you feel the change.

Health Juices

Drinking healthy juices can be healthy but apply it to wrinkles can be beneficial. Applying health juice on the skin can help exfoliate and tighten your skin. Your daily fresh juices such as pineapple, orange or lemon juice on wrinkles can help you with your problems. The acids in the fruit juice can act as antioxidant that can tighten your loose skin and combat free radicals. Drinking carrot can be beneficial to your body as it can help your skin look younger, glowing and wrinkle-free.

Egg Whites

Eggs are one of the healthiest food material loaded with numerous proteins and nutrients that are proved to be beneficial for human body. Egg whites have a secret ingredient that is said to treat laugh lines by tightening skin and combat wrinkles. Applying egg whites directly on the skin especially near mouth and eyes can be very beneficial. Wash your face with warm water, and you can see the results. Doing this daily for 30 minutes can help you kick your wrinkles out.

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is said to treat all our health problems and has brief importance in Ayurveda. You can make your own face pack by adding turmeric with honey to reduce your wrinkles around your face, especially your laugh lines. You can apply this paste anytime and wash your face with warm water. Such paste can help you with reducing your smile lines around mouth and eyes. Turmeric has an anti-flammatory and antioxidant component that can help heal your wounds and skin aging.

Turmeric Paste


Smile lines can be embarrassing, and most importantly to the younger people who like socializing. So to get reduce or to eliminate your embarrassment, try these natural components and notice the change in your skin and wrinkles around the mouth. Use these ingredients for better skin health and care.

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