Reasons That Causes Premature Face Aging

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Your face is something that compels you to check out your look whenever you come across mirrors. A face without any wrinkles or spots makes your appearance more attractive and appealing. Facial skin is something; we all feel is important as it displays our every emotion and speaks our personality.

Facial Skin Aging

What if, one fine day you look into your mirror and find wrinkles and fine lines on your face? What would you research first, reasons or remedies? If you are looking for reasons, then you can continue reading below.


Stress can be one of the reasons behind your skin aging. Emotion stress can cause an increase in stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol that results in skin aging. Stress can lead aging process by suppressing normal synthesis of connective tissues. Stress can affect your skin by puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Sun

Excess of skin exposure to the sun can lead to sagging skin, reducing skin elasticity, age spots, and wrinkles. Through oxidation process, the solar radiation can disrupt collagen fibers making your skin fragile and rigid. The excess exposure to the sun can cause skin tan and discoloration.

3. Low Fruits AndVegetable Intake

Vegetables and Fruits are one of the major sources of healthy skin. It can help in providing essential antioxidants and nutrition to your skin that help in maintaining good skin health. The lack of such healthy and nutritious food items can cause premature skin aging resulting in fine lines, puffiness, and wrinkles, making your face dull and inactive.

4. Smoking

Smoking can affect your facial skin with fine lines and smile lines that might appear to non-smoker approximately after 10-15 years. Smoking reduces vitamin C in the body that encourages premature wrinkles on the face. For healthy and youthful skin, it is better if you quit smoking. Excess smoking has adverse effects on the skin including Skin cancers.


5. Lack Of Sleep

Deep sleep can help your skin to get ample of time to eliminate toxic skin cells, regenerate new skin cells and improve skin health. A continuous lack of sleep can result in skin aging and has many other dangerous effects on your health. Lack of sleep can cause wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, puffiness on your face.

6. Depression

Hopelessness and sadness is something you feel if you are depressed that causes the reduction of telomeres from the body. The shortage of telomere can affect your body adversely by affecting DNA by the division of cells, resulting in premature cell death. Sleep disorders, poor nutrition, and personal ignorance can cause due to depression that increases the stress hormones.

7. Alcohol

Excess drinking can damage your skin color and texture resulting in premature skin aging. Alcohol can also cause bulged eyes and affects your skin adversely due to the toxic materials present in the body and skin. Cheek redness and capillaries appearance can be caused due to excess drinking.



As Face is very important that speaks your every emotion, don’t let the skin aging spoil that image. Skin care is essential and keeping all these things in mind can help you with healthy, glowing, wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin.

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